Friday, November 26, 2010

A new blog....come on over!

I'm in major purge mode - my stuff and my life. Included in that is the desire I've had to either merge my blogs or eliminate one altogether so I don't have 2 to maintain (anyone who's been following me knows how great I am at that - NOT).

So....if you've been following me, or if you've just found me today - please come on over and see what I'm up to at my new blog. Instead of My far or My far - this new blog will be a combination of all that makes me me - creating and art, my life and family, my work and faith. And at the same time, just as the old blogs were, this one will celebrate that I am (as the name would suggest) still a work in progress. This life is a journey and so all I can tell you on any given day is what has happened to me so far....tomorrow is always a new day :)

All of far


Colleen said...

Oh, believe me, I know what you mean about purging lately. I cannot stop cleaning and tweaking things for some reason . . . Oh, and I vote you do merge them and just keep this one's title. Cool blog, it's really fun to read! =)

Loads of Love,

Mark Lawrence said...

You're the first blog I've every commented on...really one of the first ones I've ever read, I just wanted to see how commenting works so I can teach it to my students. But I like your faith.